Cast Dream : Silica sol process investment casting company

All our customer's needs are attentively analyzed in contract review and confirmed so you are positive your investment castings are correctly suited to your needs. We focus on stainless steel and carbon steel investment casting production, which will do the most sophisticate, finely detailed lost wax castings possible. We are Cast Dream, a committed team that provides professional production for precision casting. Our products have mechanical fittings, car fittings, manufacture hardware, pharmaceutical equipment, valve fittings, sewing engines, knitting fittings, pneumatic tools and marine hardware. Cast Dream is your reliable partner in the field of precision investment castings and deeply values a good customer relationship. 10 years of maturity investment casting machining provider from a single product to volume manufacturing, a strict standard of made in china. engineered low wax casting ring in Guangdong 

Why choosing us? 

  • 10 years of maturity in foundry investment castings.
  • Experienced team help you optimizing complete solution from products design, casting, machining to calefaction treatment, facade treatment, and so on to lower your expense.
  • Prioritize the shipping for foreign clients.
  • Perfect English communication and exploding support.

:// with precision casting, we can use near 200 alloys. These metals range from ferrous, device steel, carbon steel and ductile iron - to non ferrous - aluminum, copper and brass. We strictly pursued minimum active age requirements and maximum permit active hours. Cast Dream is up-to-date reducing its impact on the surrounding atmosphere. We continuously strive to unite technology in its processes to ameliorate efficiency and quality. iron investment precision casting surface quality in Dongguan

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