GoPro Hero 8 Black vs DJI Osmo Action: which action camera is right for you?

GoPro Hero 8 Black vs DJI Osmo Action: which action camera is right for you?

GoPro Hero 8 Black vs DJI Osmo Action: which action camera is right for you?
GoPro Hero 8 Black vs DJI Osmo Action: which action camera is right for you?

In case you're befuddled about whether to purchase the GoPro Hero 8 Black or the other huge name in the activity camera field this year, the DJI Osmo Action, you're not the only one. Superficially it can appear to be a bit of confounding, so it truly comes down to why you're purchasing an activity cam (so the primary movement you'll be utilizing it for) and your financial limit.

The DJI Osmo Action had a major effect on the activity cam scene when it was discharged early this year, demonstrating that the automaton monster certainly has the tech cleaves to take on the forceful GoPro.

Also, professional-level adjustment programming that makes physical gimbals a relic of times gone by, and practically indistinguishable specialized capacities on paper to GoPro's past lead camera, the T3 grant-winning Hero 7 Black, DJI's presentation activity camera demonstrated itself to be a commendable contender for GoPro's pined for the crown.

Does that still stand up despite the Hero 8 Black's beefed up the spec, incorporating cutting edge tech as HyperSmooth 2.0 and TimeWarp 2.0? Also, its similarity with the new line of GoPro extras called Mods, which remembers an include for light, add-on screen, and a mouthpiece.

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What at first set the DJI camera apart from the Hero 7 Black (and other similarly rough 4K activity cameras) was the expansion of an incorporated forward-looking presentation. It's super-convenient for vloggers and anybody needing to guarantee they are flawlessly in outline.

It was a sharp choice and one that GoPro has reacted to by declaring the Mods, which, as referenced above, remembers an include for flip-in advance or back confronting screen (more on that later) for the Hero 8 Black.

So is GoPro's most recent top-specced activity camera packed with enough bleeding-edge development to out-weapon DJI's brave introduction advertising? All things considered, read on and you'll discover!

Before doing that, a word on accessibility... 

Following its October dispatch, the GoPro Hero 8 Black is presently accessible at significant retail accomplices around the globe. As it was discharged before this late spring, the DJI Osmo Action is likewise accessible to purchase now from every single significant retailer.


GoPro Hero 8 Black:

Fit for shooting video up to 4K60fps
12MP stills
Waterproof to 10m (33ft) without a case
Measures 66.3W x 48.6H x 28.4D (mm)
Loads 126g (no casing required)
2-inch back touchscreen
HyperSmooth 2.0 adjustment programming with High and Boost alternatives
Time-pass and TimeWarp 2.0 chronicle modes
Voice control
DJI Osmo Action:
Equipped for shooting video up to 4K60fps
12MP stills
Waterproof to 11m (36ft) without a case
Measures 65W x 42H x 35D (mm)
Weighs 124g
2.25-inch back touchscreen in addition to 1.4-inch front showcase
RockSteady adjustment programming
Time-slip by recording mode
Voice control 

Spec champ: GoPro Hero 8 Black 

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The Hero 8 Black may look genuinely like its ancestor, yet its new body is sleeker, lighter and somewhat slimmer. The Osmo Action is more bulbous and a bit less upscale than its opponent. A significant part of the GoPro's body has a non-slip, rubberized finish and a strong weight that feels bombproof. 

While it might have the option to deal with some genuine thumps as well, the DJI's plastic body feels a bit less expensive and less hearty in correlation. 

In contrast to past manifestations and the DJI, the new GoPro doesn't require seating in an extra casing connection to fix it to mounts or different frills. Rather, two fingers overlap out from the base to safely join to any current GoPro good mount. The new frameless structure isn't just astutely acknowledged, however, it makes the Hero 8 Black progressively clear to use by evaluating the need to faff about with an edge.



As referenced over, the Hero 8 Black's frameless structure makes it simpler to use with embellishments, however where the Osmo Action has a major bit of leeway over its opponent is with its work in the forward-looking showcase. The 1.4-inch screen on the substance of the camera empowers you to see precisely what's in the casing as you record, making the DJI camera perfect for vlogging and whenever you need to talk directly to the camera. 

Not to be totally beaten, while the independent adaptation of the Hero 8 Black doesn't have an incorporated forward-looking presentation, you'll have the option to purchase an extra flip-up screen named the Display Mod by GoPro (£79.99/$79.99). Need the awful news? The GoPro Mods, another trio of GoPro extras (which likewise incorporates the Media Mod and Light Mod), won't be accessible for pre-request until this December. 

The Display Mod outfits GoPro's new activity camera with a forward-looking or back confronting show, yet the cost of a Hero 8 Black and a Display Mod doesn't actually come modest. Furthermore, that is contrasted with the DJI Osmo Action's forcefully evaluated £319.99 – and it's routinely discounted for under £300. 

Exploring either camera is straightforward and instinctive utilizing a mix of directional swiping of their touchscreens to get to menu frameworks. Both games a catch that empowers you to rapidly cycle between shooting modes. 

Every camera has its very own devoted application, by means of which you can control the camera from your gadget, alter your stills and film, live stream and share your substance. In any case, the scope of imaginative choices accessible through the GoPro application coordinated with Quik is definitely more modern than DJI's progressively essential Mimo application. 

Ease of use champ: DJI Osmo Action


Both the DJI and the GoPro convey ultra-sharp, premium quality outcomes and have the capacity to take shots at 4K60fps. Recording at the full edge on every camera implies utilizing a proportion of 4:3. While the GoPro conveys a full 60fps account at 4K in this organization, the DJI just hits 30fps. To accomplish the expressed 4K60fps, the DJI needs to trim the 4:3 casing to 16:9, losing the top and base of the accessible picture thus. 

Given the family of the activity cameras on test here, the capacity to make an ultra-smooth moderate movement is practically guaranteed and neither activity camera baffles. The GoPro and the DJI are equitably coordinated here, as both can shoot with their most extreme casing pace of 24fps at 1080p. 

Another component normal to both activity cams is time-slip by mode, which empowers you to make static recordings taken with the shade terminated at chosen interims over some stretch of time. 

Be that as it may, where the GoPro has the edge is with its TimeWarp 2.0 capacity (the first TimeWarp programming appeared on the Hero 7 Black). This component implies you can make moving, balanced out successions that are perfect for depicting the progression of time or going over a separation. A smooth new element empowers you to switch between constant and time-pass recording with a tap of the touchscreen. 

Taking stills with either camera likewise yields top-rack results. It is possible that one can take single or burst shots, however, the Hero 8 Black likewise has a LiveBurst office. This records a video cut which shrewdly records 1.5 seconds when you fire the shade, so you can choose stills from the all-out recorded substance. 

The two cameras have a scope of advanced focal points to browse. The GoPro's SuperView gives the greatest point and is perfect for taking all-encompassing shots, or for getting yourself in see when making a move shots from short proximity. 

Video and stills champ: GoPro Hero 8 Black


GoPro Hero
GoPro Hero

While the GoPro Hero 7 Black came equipped with the principal cycle of GoPro's colossally amazing HyperSmooth adjustment programming, the Hero 8 Black advances it up further with HyperSmooth 2.0. 

The primary points of interest over the first are that adjustment is currently accessible over each video goals and casing rate, and you can expand the degree of adjustment further still by running it in High and Boost modes. 

The DJI Osmo Action likewise has its very own amazingly smooth RockSteady adjustment that produces similarly superb outcomes. In any case, RockSteady bests out at 4K30fps and you can't connect with it when shooting in HDR, which gives the GoPro the edge in this class. 

Adjustment champ: GoPro Hero 8 Black


Alongside the GoPro Hero 7 Black, both of these gadgets are worth genuine thought in case you're hoping to sprinkle out on a tough, completely highlighted leader activity camera. Nonetheless, aside from the DJI Osmo Action having the edge over the GoPro with its inherent forward-looking screen, in each other division the GoPro Hero 8 Black proves to be the best. 

All things considered, the DJI has another stunt at its disposal: its little cost. At the hour of composing, the Osmo Action has any RRP of £319.99. When contrasted with the Hero 8 Black's dispatch cost of £379.99, accessible for pre-request now from, in addition to the additional money you may spend purchasing the discretionary GoPro Mods, you're taking a gander at a greater expense for the Hero 8 Black. 

On the off chance that you need to spend more around the DJI's value level, there's all the more uplifting news for GoPro fans: you would now be able to purchase the Hero 7 Black for just £319.99. This new lower RRP shows that the Hero 7 Black sits underneath the Hero 8 Black in the hierarchy of GoPro activity cameras, however, it's as yet a splitting cam and a T3 Award victor. 

At last, which activity cam you pick comes down to what you need to accomplish with the camera. You can make shocking, high goals film and pictures with the vlogger-accommodating DJI Osmo Action, however with the Hero 8 Black you can do precisely the equivalent, alongside the office to do a reasonable piece more. Peruse more in our official audit of the GoPro Hero 8 Black. 

By and large victor: GoPro Hero 8 Black

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